Library of Things

All Access Passes

All-access passes provide guests with general admission to the Bold Centre, Portage Pool, and Plamondon Arena. Library Members may get one pass once every four months to a maximum of 3 per year (subject to availability). Passes are free and do not have to be returned to the Library but must be surrendered at the venue.

Art Collection

The Lac La Biche County Libraries are expanding their circulating collection to include original artworks by regional artists.

The listed artworks are available for circulation as one of LLBCL’s Library of Things items:

  • List coming soon!

Library Members are able to check out a work of art from the main branch with their valid library card for a period of 28 days with the possibility of two renewals. A maximum fine of $600 will be incurred if the artwork is damaged or lost. For more information regarding this collection, contact the main branch at 780-623-7467 and ask for the Library Director. This collection would not be possible without a grant from the AFA (Alberta Foundation for the Arts).

Audio Storytelling Kits

What is digital Storytelling?

Digital storytelling is a short (2-5 minutes) personal story created by combining a recorded narrative with images, music or other sounds. One popular example of these are oral histories, but they can use any form of media.

Borrow one of our Digital Storytelling kits FREE with your Library card! These kits include multimedia recording equipment and resource

*Note: These kits are for recording audio only.

For helpful tips on using the kits please check out TASCAM DR-05 Audio Recorder.

Automotive Code Reader Set

The Innova 3160RS OBD2 Scanner is an easy-to-use tool that packs high-end maintenance and service functions typically not found in DIY scan tools. Unlike other code readers & scan tools, it is more than just a OBD2 Scanner diagnostic tool it is also a ABS bleeder scan tool, check engine code reader, abs code reader, SRS scanner, and full system scanner with battery reset, airbag light reset, oil light reset, reset check engine light with smog check.


Product listing -

AWE Tablet

The AWE Learning Tablet can be checked out at the main branch circulation desk. This tablet is an award-winning and interactive educational resource for children. This tablet is pre-loaded with 70 plus STREAM-aligned (science, technology, reading, engineering, arts, and music) games and books. This tablet offers safe, age-appropriate learning for young children and is not connected to the Internet.


Binoculars are two side-by-side telescopes that allow a person to view distant objects using both eyes, which creates an impression of depth. They can be used for a number of applications, such as bird watching, sporting events, inspecting roofs, viewing the moon, visiting state or national parks or whenever you need closer viewing of a subject from a distance.

Board & Yard Games

We have approximately 100 board and yard games in our collection serving a wide range of ages and interests. Place a hold on the game of your choice and pick it up at the branch or Pop Up location that is most convenient to you by contacting us at 780-623-7467.

Board games & Yard Games can be found in our online catalogue (TRAC) and we have provided a list of yard games for your convenience:

  • Crocquet (coming soon)
  • Giant Checker Set
  • Giant Snakes and Ladders
  • Lawn Domino Set
  • Rally and Roar Bocce Ball Game Set (coming soon)
  • Rally and Roar Giant Backyard Wood Dice Set
  • Rally and Roar Tumbling Tower Game
  • Toss & Catch

Cake Pans

Get creative in your kitchen with an item from our Cake Pan lending library. Discover unique cake pans from seasonal shapes to your favourite cartoon characters and more. Check out the following catalogues:

Cognitive Care Kits

Cognitive Care Kits help support those who have (or care for someone with) cognitive impairment from a disease such as Alzheimer’s, dementia, Parkinson’s, or Huntington’s. These resources provide stimulating brain activities for people experiencing cognitive decline, such as memory loss and thinking skills.

The kits include games, puzzles, books, and workbooks that encourage social connection and provide meaningful links to daily activities. They encourage the use of skills the disorder has not affected, such as fine and gross motor skills, reading, spelling, and sorting. Proper use of the kits can stimulate engagement and cognitive activity, and supports memory.

Online Resources

Echo Dot

The Amazon Echo Dot listens to you and answers questions by speaking. Set it up with the Amazon Alexa app on a smartphone or tablet that is signed in to an Amazon account.

What the Echo Dot can do:

  • Give calendar reminders for taking medications or going to appointments
  • Create shopping lists
  • Give hands-free recipe instructions
  • Play music on command
  • Allows you to adjust smart home settings

Some downsides of the Echo Dot:

  • It requires Wi-Fi
  • It requires an Amazon account
  • Alexa app must be downloaded into your device
  • If you have a frail voice, these devices may not recognize your commands

Our Echo dot wireless speaker kit has a speaker, power cable, and instruction booklet.


Want to introduce your child to a new subject or improve their reading skills? Then take a look at our EDU-kits that range from kindergarten to grade 5. We have kits to help improve reading or you can learn about the human body, space, weather, life cycles, or tying your shoes all in one convenient kit. Drop by the main branch to checkout our collection.

Envoy Connect

The Envoy Connect is the world's first accessible, solar-powered, compact, portable, durable, yet economical audiobook player. Easy to use with a tactile keypad makes this audio player ideal for blind and low vision users.


Helpful information for accessing audio books using the Victor Reader.

This unit is available for library members who have identified as being print disabled.

Gaming Systems

Did you know that you can borrow a Nintendo Switch Console (Full or Lite options) or an Oculus Go (VR System) with your valid library card.

Ipad Tripod Stand

Ipad Tripod Mount Floor Stand with adjustable height from 20 to 60 inches, tablet tripod stand mount, carrying case and remote.


Magnasonic All-in-One High Resolution Film Scanner can effortlessly convert your 35mm, 126KPK,110, Super 8 and Negatives into a digital photos. You can also view your scanned slides and films with the built-in LCD screen or directly onto your television with the included output cables.

For helpful tips on using the kit please check out the Magnasonic Manual.

Maker Space Kits

It's time to get building, exploring, creating, and coding with one of our fun STEAM Kits from the Maker Space section. We have LEGO kits, Makey Makey, Fisher Price Code a Pillar, Snapcircuits, just to name a few of the items in our collection.

Musical Instruments

Take home a musical instrument and discover the benefits of playing music. These kits include the instrument, guides, books, tuners (when applicable), and more. Drop by the main branch to see the selection in person or view the photos in the gallery at the bottom of this page. Funding to start this collection came through the Kimberley Foundation.

Note: Our instruments are tuned on a regular basis by a local volunteer however we cannot guarantee they will be in tune at the time of checkout. The weather and temperature changes outside can cause them to go our of tune quickly.

PEARL Portable Reading Camera

The PEARL Portable Reading Camera, combined with JAWS, Fusion, or OpenBook scanning and reading software, brings blind and low vision users instant portable access to printed material with an array of human-sounding voices. The folding camera deploys in seconds to connect to your PC and snap a picture of your reading material and begins reading it aloud instantly.


This unit is available for library members who have identified as being print disabled and holds can be placed by contacting 780-623-7467.


On CD, SD card or through the online network, the PTX1 Pro is a fantastic way for you to enjoy your favorite audio titles such as; DAISY Digital Talking Books, music CD’s, MP3 CD’s, or audio books.


Helpful information

This unit is available for library members who have identified as being print disabled.

Power Meter

The Kill A Watt EZ Electricity Usage Monitor is a consumer device used to measure the quality and quantity of electricity that everyday household appliances use. Plug the meter into an electrical socket and plug an appliance into the meter to determine total energy used, energy cost and energy consumption by the kilowatt hour.

Radon Screening Kit

Lac La Biche County Libraries in partnership with the Alberta Lung Association and with support from Health Canada, is excited to announce that we now provide Radon Screening Kits for library members to check out.

According to the Alberta Lung Association, radon is an invisible, odourless, and tasteless radioactive gas which can get trapped in the home. Therefore, the only way to detect how much radon is in your home is to test for it. This is important as long-term exposure to high levels of radon can lead to lung cancer. The Air Thing Corentium Home Monitor will be unavailable for loan between May 1st and August 31st, as radon readings are less accurate during the summer.

What is Radon?

Radon is a radioactive gas that comes from the breakdown of uranium in the ground. It can build up in your home undetected, which is problematic as exposure to radon gas is the number one cause of lung cancer for non-smokers. Recent research from the University of Calgary indicates that one in six homes in western Canada have high radon levels.

What homes can be tested for radon?

Radon screening is usually recommended for people who live in ground-level contact homes, including single-family dwellings, duplexes, townhouses and basement suites. However, you can use the Radon Screening Kit in any home, including apartment buildings, as radon can sometimes be found in non-ground level homes due to poor ventilation.

Where do I put the device?

The Airthing screening device should be placed in rooms at the lowest level of the home where you and your family spend lots of time. Don't put it near a window, door or air vent, and keep it out of direct sunlight and water vapour, as these can all impact the readings.

Why can't these units be borrowed in the Summer?

In the summer months, people tend to leave windows and doors in their homes open, allowing radon to safely dissipate into the atmosphere. As a result, Radon Screening Kits will not be available to borrow between May 1st and August 31st each year, as radon readings are less accurate during the summer.

How long do I need to measure radon levels?

We recommend testing for at least seven days but testing for the full loan period of three weeks will give a more accurate reading.

The Radon Screening Kits should give you an idea of the radon levels in your home. After this preliminary screening, you can decide if you want to continue monitoring your home by purchasing a longer-term radon testing kit.

Please see the guide book in the Kit for more details.

How do I borrow a Radon Screening Kit?

Visit our main branch or check our catalogue by searching “Radon Screening Kit.” Like other items in our collection, the these kits have a three-week loan period with the possibility of two renewals if there are no other customers waiting. Kits are available to borrow between September 1st and April 30th each year.

Other Links:

Ring Light

What is a Light Ring?

The ring lights main purpose is to cast an even light. This reduces shadows and minimizes blemishes, while illuminating the eyes. Ring lights are commonly used in portraits, glamour shots, or even videography capturing only one subject. Neewer 18-inch White LED Ring Light with Light Stand Lighting Kit Dimmable 42W 3200-5600K with Soft Filter and a carrying case specially designed for the ring light.  

Singer Sewing Machine

Singer 1234 sewing machine, get started sewing in no time with quick and easy threading and built-in stitches with pre-set length and width settings. Singer online instructional class available for this machine through the Singer Sewing Company YouTube channel. Thread and other accessories are not included.


Smartlux 2 Digital Portable Video Magnifier

The new Smartlux 2 Digital Portable Video Magnifier is an ergonomically designed, portable video magnifier with full HD camera that features a 5” reflection-free display, large field of view and personalized setting options. The LEDs are individually adjustable and a new customizable menu provides 14 color contrast mode options, adjustable lines and blinds and more. This unit has an easy-to-use interface with four color-coded tactile control buttons and provides a customizable reading and writing solution for those who are visually impaired.

The stand allows for 3 different uses: fully retracted for hand-held use, fully extended for placing on reading material and partially extended for writing under the display. Connect the Smartlux 2 Digital to an external screen using the HDMI cable for live streaming images or use the USB connection to transfer photos to a computer.

Kit comes digital video magnifier, neck strap, travel case, instruction booklets, USB charging cable, 4 international outlet plugs, wall adapter for charging, and a HDMI cord.


This unit is available for library members who have identified as being print disabled.


Do you want to get a better look at the stars at night? You can with one of our telescopes.

Telus WiFi Hub

Smart Hub : Terminal Intelligent provides High speed internet in the palm of your hands. The Telus smart hub provides Wi-Fi with speeds up to 25 Mbps, with a 1 TB monthly data limit.

Toybox 3D Printer

Toybox is the first easy-to-use, one-touch 3D printer for kids to design and print their own toys. The Toybox is intended for youngsters at least 5 years old, and adult supervision is recommended.

UWALK Pedometer

Are you looking to take the first step in increasing your physical activity and walking but not quite ready to commit to buying your own pedometer? Why not count your steps with the UWALK pedometer from your local library. This kit includes a DIGI-WALKER SW 200 model pedometer and accompanying instruction manual in case.

Victor Reader

This is a machine for listening to audio books for the vision impaired, also called a Daisy Reader. The player has large buttons for the controls making it easy to use.

Helpful information for accessing audio books using the Victor Reader.

This unit is available for library members who have identified as being print disabled.

Note: There is a limit of two “Library of Things” items at any one time. Holds can be placed by contacting us at 780-623-7467.