3D Printing

LLBCL 3D Printing

The Lac La Biche County Libraries offers 3D Printing for community members and patrons.

3D Printer

The Library owns a Bambu Lab P1P. The Printer can do multi-colour (up to 4) printing, and can print items up to 20000 mm/s2 acceleration. Additionally, the quality of the printer means that the print have excellent quality with fine layers and high resolution.

Colours of Filament

  • Black
  • Blue: true blue and ocean
  • Brown
  • Dual Colours: Green / Blue and Purple / Pink
  • Fluorescent Red
  • Glow-in-the Dark Green
  • Glow: Green and Multicolour
  • Gold: Gold and Ultra Silk
  • Green: Army and Neon
  • Gray: Cool, Warm, and Slate
  • Orange
  • Purple
  • Rainbow
  • Red: Metallic and True Red
  • Silk: White and Rainbow
  • Silver
  • Transparent: Clear, Red, and Blue
  • White
  • Yellow

* Colours subject to availability.

Request a Print

Patrons that are interested in having 3D printing need to send in a request using our convenient online form.

Make sure to include any colour requests, and any special requirements. Additionally, add the link to the either the Thingiverse STL file or the Download link for a purchased STL file.

Library staff reserve the right to deny your request based upon the a list of prohibited subjects. As with most printing, there are prohibited items that the library will not be printing. Those items include files with explicit scenes, hate speech, deemed as weapons, and/or mature content.


Much like with the paper printing, there is a cost to 3D printing; the overall cost comes from the amount of filament used per gram. The library charges 20 cents per filament gram, the exact amount of filament is determined by the slicing software, and communicated in a quote prior to printing.

How Long Does it Take? 

Average print time depends on the size and complexity of the request. A some small prints can be finished in 16 minutes. However, the larger and more complex a print the longer the print with take.

Files for 3D Printing

The Library uses Thingiverse to access open-sourced community-based STL files. Patrons are welcome to use Thingiverse to find free "open source" STL files.

If patrons wish to use other 3D printing communities and websites for STL files, they are welcome to purchase the STL files from a third party source (there are many available) and provide the file via USB key directly to library staff.

Training Opportunities 

If you are interested in learning more about 3D printing, you may email a request to the library info@llbcl.ca with the heading "3D Printing Training Request" and staff will get back you.

Toybox Printer

If your child is interested in 3D printing, the library is now offering the ToyBox for check out. The Toybox is a easy-to-use, one-touch 3D printer meant for children. This allows them to design and print their own toys at home.

If you wish to check out this item, contact the library at 780-623-7467 to place a hold.

To find more information about the Toybox, head to our Library of Things web page and scroll down to "Toybox 3D Printer" for how-to guide and for a set-up video.