Lac La Biche County Libraries Plan of Service 2021 – 2025

Lac La Biche County Libraries Plan of Service 2021 – 2025

For Stuart MacPherson Public Library, Plamondon Municipal Library, and all Pop-Up Locations.

Our Vision

Opening Minds. Opening Doors. Our libraries... your place to be!

Our Mission

Our Mission We provide a broad range of high-quality library programs and services to our multi-dimensional regional community.

Our Values

  • People focused
  • Respectfulness
  • Friendliness
  • Service to all
  • Excellence
  • Accountability


Lac La Biche County Libraries continue to innovate, transform, and evolve to serve the growing and changing needs of our residents in this County and surrounding Indigenous Communities. Every five years we are required to develop a strategic plan utilizing the Sandra Nelson model Strategic Planning for Results. Utilizing this model, the Lac La Biche County Library Board invited local citizens to participate and actively contribute in identifying community needs. This information helped us to identify the library services that we should focus on in the next five years. This highly consultative process enables us to create a dynamic working document identifying community needs, and reflects the libraries’ goals, objectives, and associated performance standards. This will provide a straightforward stewardship document for the Board to use when making decisions and allocating resources. Based on this consultative process, the Board affirmed the library service responses chosen by the community. Library Staff created specific measurable goals that respond to the needs of our community. It is particularly important to note that “Celebrate Diversity: Cultural Awareness”, is intended to be reflected in all our other service response goals.

The five highest prioritized service responses selected by the Focus Group are:

A. Create Young Readers: Early Literacy Children from birth to 5 will have programs and services designed to ensure that they will enter school ready to learn to read, write and listen. 

B. Satisfy Curiosity: Lifelong Learning Residents will have the resources they need to explore topics of personal interest and continue to learn throughout their lives. 

C. Succeed in School: Homework Help Students will have the resources they need to succeed in school. 

D. Stimulate Imagination: Reading, Viewing and Listening for Pleasure Residents who want materials to enhance their leisure time will find what they want when and where they want them and will have the help they need to make choices from among the options. 

E. Know Your Community: Community Resources and Services Residents will have a central source for information about the wide variety of programs, services and activities provided by community agencies and organizations.

Note: When these goals are implemented, they will not replace our existing well-established programs and services instead they will augment them. 

The Lac La Biche County Libraries continue to be valued institutions. Through community engagement we are once again able to identify public expectations and needs, allowing us to align our services accordingly. In turn these help us to create the framework within which all branch and service locations will work to fulfill their roles within our community. 

The Lac La Biche County Library Board wishes to thank the following for their support and commitment to our planning process:

  • All community members and stakeholders who participated in the consultation process.
  • The Staff for their input and ongoing dedication to provision of quality services.
  • Lac La Biche County Council and Administration for their interest and support.
  • Our generous donors who help us to expand our resources and capabilities.

We look forward to utilizing this exciting strategic plan to guide our efforts in meeting the needs of Lac La Biche County.

Marketing Plan

POS - A. Create Young Readers: Early Literacy (0-5)

Goal: Young children and their caregivers will be provided with resources, programs, and services to help ensure that every child is ready to enter school. We will continue to work with our preschool partners and share our knowledge with other libraries through training sessions. 

Services Priorities


1. By 2021, create a webpage and handouts supporting early literacy.

  • Did you know tip sheet?
  • Webpage
  • Online registration

2. By 2023, establish a building vocabulary program featuring both hands on and virtual activities.

  • Writing and tracing booklets
  • Pen Pals program
  • Word match booklet featuring local content

3. By 2024, explore other preschool programming options and implement at least one.

  • Active Storytime
  • Parent lead literacy
  • Passport to the World
  • Storytime STEAM
  • "What Life was Like”

4. By 2025, we would have a 10% increase circulation in preschool materials.

  • Staff knowledge
  • Improved collections
  • Online resources
  • Special Podcasts
  • Book recommendations
  • Interactive displays

5. By 2025, host 6 RighT at Home programs each year with a minimum of 50 views per episode.

  • Stable technology
  • Use of green screen
  • Special features

POS - B. Satisfy Curiosity: Lifelong Learning

Goal: Community members will have access to a wide range of services and programs that spark their imagination and creativity. 



1. By 2021, start to incorporate DYI projects in book displays (1 table per quarter) and host 2 programs each year.

  • Home improvement
  • Automotive tips
  • How to journal
  • Vision boards
  • Family colouring events
  • DYI displays

2. By 2022, the Library will develop 3 new programs that educate & teach new skills using in person or online formats.

  • Music 101 program
  • Community Reading Challenge
  • BINGO and checklists
  • “How things used to be done”

3. By 2023, we will have added 1 new event each year that has a strong literacy component.

  • Teen book club
  • Creative writing class
  • Culture evenings
  • Community treasure hunt game

4. By 2024, the library will have a well-established financial literacy program.

  • Online videos 101
  • Tax preparation
  • ABC Money Matters site Up Skills for Workplace

5. By 2025, 70% of surveyed library users will indicate an increase in their personal knowledge resulting from a program or resource.

  • Offer a shorter survey
  • Survey at events
  • Input data into online survey
  • Encourage comments from participants

POS - C. Succeed in School: Homework Help

Goal: Children and teens have access to a wide range of resources, programs, and services that help them succeed in school. 



1. In 2021, start to create a tutoring and mentoring program that has both online and in person offerings.

  • Brainfuse subscription
  • Afterschool program
  • Monthly presentations
  • Tutoring space promotion and list
  • Homework help videos for parents

2. By 2022, attendance to presentations showcasing the library as a resource will increase 50% via virtual means.

  • How to use the library
  • Internet Searching
  • Electronic Resources
  • Highlight our collection
  • Homework help & technology videos

3. By 2023, increase the box loan usage by 25%.

  • Increased promotion
  • Service video
  • Annual display
  • Contact teachers
  • Improved tracking methods

4. By 2024, incorporate at least one specialized program.

  • School project building craft bin
  • Animal Buddies
  • Physical literacy

5. By 2025, students will have a 15% increase resources, both print and digital formats.

  • TeenBook
  • Cloud Accessibility promotion
  • AV3 service
  • Collection review
  • New weblinks layout

POS - D. Stimulate Imagination: Reading, Viewing and Listening for Pleasure

Goal: Community members will have access to a wide range of materials in various formats both at our local libraries, as well as province wide. 



1. Annually, the library will allocate 10% of the collection budget for the most popular items.

  • Monthly Reports
  • Book suggestion form
  • Monitor requests
  • Encourage holds
  • Increased digital content

2. Starting in 2021, increase our video games and multi-language collection by 10%.

  • Add language materials
  • Video game events
  • Xbox series X & PS5

3. In 2022, promote new releases monthly.

  • New releases on podcast
  • Updated onsite promotional materials
  • Staff reads slide
  • Interactive content in book displays
  • Virtual book displays

4. Starting in 2023, host 3-6 author talks and/or interviews per year using a virtual format.

  • Brand this series
  • Guest agreements
  • Post to Youtube channel
  • Host watch parties
  • Electronic reading lists

5. By 2025 incorporate 3 fun ways to link community members with materials that stimulate their imagination.

  • Book reviews (all ages)
  • Reading events
  • Grab and go bags
  • Golden tickets
  • Families act out or read a book challenge

POS - E. Know Your Community: Community Resources and Services

Goal: By working with FCSS, Community Futures and Lac La Biche & District Chamber of Commerce residents will have access to information regarding community resources such as a comprehensive events calendar and directory in both online and print formats. 



1. In 2021, increase the avenues of promotion for local organizations and events, by at least 4.

  • Use promotional screen
  • Update local weblinks
  • Highlight on Podcast
  • Community Futures App
  • Community Connectors

2. Starting in 2021, individual staff will increase their knowledge of at least 3 local businesses and groups.

  • Staff knowledge
  • Connecting people
  • Local business spotlight in programs & displays

3. Starting in 2022, staff participation in designated community events.

  • Staff participation is encouraged
  • Festival of Trees
  • Participation in local parades

4. By 2024, see a 10% increase in the people’s awareness what is offered in the community.

  • Promotion & displays
  • Strengthen partnerships
  • Virtual meet & greet
  • Tie into major events
  • Engaging FB posts

5. By 2025, have a library or links to at least 15 local virtual field trips.

  • List of locations
  • Find content
  • Partner with agencies
  • Seek aid for projects
  • Ensure recognition