Donations to our Library

Donations to our Library

The library accepts donations of all kinds to our library. We are a registered charity and the library will provide you with a donation tax receipt at the end of each taxation year.

Book Donations

For donations needing an official tax receipt please drop them off at the Stuart MacPherson Public Library location and request an information form to accompany your donations. Please note that these receipts totaling $20.00 or more will be issued once a year around tax season.

What We Accept:

  • Recent books (published in last 3 years),
  • DVD’s
  • Audio Books
  • Magazines (re-assigned to schools for projects)

We Are Unable to Accept:

  • Books that are musty or water damaged
  • Hardcover books older than 3 years
  • Encyclopedias & Textbooks
  • Reader’s Digest Book Collections
  • National Geographic Magazines & Reader’s Digest
  • DVD’s, Audio Books without cases or Home recorded media
  • VHS or Cassette Tapes

What Happens to My Donations?

Each year we receive a huge amount of donated materials. Some donated items are added to the Lac La Biche County Libraries collection while others are sold on our used book shelf or reassigned to another organization. With the volume of material we receive we ask donors to adhere to the guidelines.

Financial Donations

The library uses financial donations to fund more programs & events for children, youth, adults & seniors in our community. We also use these funds to update our computers/software, furnishings, buy materials such as DVD's and books and to improve the overall atmosphere of the library.

Subscription Donations

One can support your library by purchasing a magazine subscription. Please check with the library staff regarding this type of donation.

Time Donations

We are looking for regular volunteers of all ages (12 and up) to help with library events, program preparation, special presentations and general duties. See our volunteer page for more details.

Thank you for your continued support of your local libraries.