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Lac La Biche County Libraries main branch will be closed on Friday, Mar. 29th-Monday, Apr. 1st, for the Easter holidays, reopening on Tuesday, Apr. 2nd. The Plamondon Branch is closed from Friday, Mar. 29th-Sunday, Apr. 7th. We thank you for your understanding.

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Press Play on Audiobooks

September 29 2020

With the start of the school year bringing  a range of unprecedented challenges, you and your family might be looking for new ways to stay engaged with literacy and reading... Audiobooks might just be the change you’re looking for! With books for all ages (in all genres) and the added excitement of an experienced narrator, audiobooks offer a unique reading experience that can fit into your lifestyle in a variety of ways.

  • Listen in no time: After loaning or purchasing your audiobook, you can instantly access and download the file onto a device of your choosing (possibly even multiple devices). When using your library card, apps such as Overdrive, and Hoopla can be downloaded onto your mobile device and used to browse and listen instantly.

  • Flexibility: Whether you’re setting off on a long drive, going for a walk, or doing household chores, audiobooks are a great way to read while you’re on the move. With the added bonus of a sleep timer, audiobooks can be added to any bedtime routine.
  • Time limits: Not sure how long it will take you to read your latest loan or purchase? With audiobooks, you can see how much time you have left to finish, and you can also adjust the reading speed to better suit your listening preferences.

  • Learn as you listen: Audiobooks can also be used as a learning tool. Listening to an audiobook while reading can help a reader to learn pronunciation, grammar, and sentence structure. Listening is also a great way to learn a new language.

Don’t be fooled by the convenience! Your eyes may not be working as hard, but your brain is still sorting through the words and all their meanings in the context of the bigger story. Though most audiobook apps have a 15-30 second replay button, going back to hear a sentence isn’t as easy as it is when you’re reading- this subconsciously forces the listener to pay closer attention, and because you are not in direct control of the reading pace, your mind is working to process what it has just heard as quickly as it begins to process what it is hearing now (don’t worry, you can adjust the reading speed).

When using your library card, apps such as Overdrive, CloudLibrary, and Hoopla offer a wide range of genres and titles. For assistance setting up Overdrive, CloudLibrary, or Hoopla, use these links, or contact an LLBCL staff member for assistance.

Keep in mind that when you change the way you read, your interests and habits could take a turn as well! Some might find that they prefer to listen to non-fiction and informative genres, much like we listen to a lecture or a podcast, while others might find that the narration brings a new range of depth and imagination to their favorite fiction genres. Check out these titles recommended by your very own LLBCL staff and remember- most titles have an audiobook version, it might just take a little digging to find it!

Happy listening!

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