TREX Art Exhibitions

TREX Art Exhibit - The Rush and Roar

The Rush and Roar! opens a window on the past in order to comprehend and give context to current events and trends. Inspired by the centenary of the 1920s, often described as the Roaring Twenties, this exhibition utilizes the visual arts to explore some of the political, economic, technological and social/cultural changes which occurred in western Euro-North American societies during the 1920s and continue to have ramifications into the twenty-first. The traveling exhibition The Rush and Roar! presents art works from the collection of the Alberta Foundation for the Arts which, made throughout the century since the Roaring Twenties, demonstrate the import of societal changes during that period and provide context for the rush and roar of the present age.

The Rush and Roar!


TREX Art Exhibit - Petra Mala Miller Portraits in Light

Originally from the Czech Republic and now based in Lethbridge, Petra Malá Miller began her Portraits in Light series to become more acquainted with her new home in southeast Alberta. Her portraits represent the individuals she met throughout her community. They are portraits of friends, schoolmates, colleagues, students, and friends of friends.
Petra’s work explores the poetics of childhood, innocence, aging, memory, and loss and raises questions surrounding representation, cultural identity, the individual, the family, and the community. These works are quiet and powerful, and capture humanity’s vulnerability and strength. They express how we are all simultaneously similar but unique.
“My subjects are at once vulnerable and yielding. Each person’s appearance is clearly articulated, but his or her social status is cast in doubt, placed on the same symbolic level. Each person is depicted as if without clothing.”


TREX Art Exhibit - … fire and frost

Though necessary for living, our memories are duplicitous. They can be like fire – bold or burning us up with longing or regret – or like frost – giving us either pause for quiet reflection or chilling us to the bone. The Alberta Foundation for the Arts Travelling Exhibition …fire and frost explores memory; presenting the work of three contemporary artists who, through the lens of a camera or mixed media expressions, document past and present experiences, objects and places to capture time and awaken memories that are universal in nature.

The artists whose works are presented in the exhibition …fire and frost devote much of their creativity to exploring ‘place’: focusing on urban landscapes and family narratives, structures and their interrelationships with the natural environment, or the history of specific places and the personal memories evoked by this ‘documentation’.