Easter Holidays

Lac La Biche County Libraries main branch will be closed on Friday, Mar. 29th-Monday, Apr. 1st, for the Easter holidays, reopening on Tuesday, Apr. 2nd. The Plamondon Branch is closed from Friday, Mar. 29th-Sunday, Apr. 7th. We thank you for your understanding.

Art Exhibitions

TREX Art Exhibit: Cradle

Canada is a young country but many who settle here come from regions which lay claim to being sites of the oldest civilizations on earth: regions known as ‘cradles of civilization’ which, throughout their long and tumultuous histories, provided many of the building blocks upon which contemporary societies rest.

The Alberta Foundation for the Arts Travelling Exhibition Cradle presents the work of three artists, currently residing in Edmonton, who originally come from regions associated with cradles of civilization in the Middle East and South-East Asia. Arriving in Canada as economic immigrants or refugees from war and conflict, each of these artists is a story teller, sharing in their artworks ancient and rich cultural histories and legacies. While concerned with specific places and people in their works, however, these artists also strive to address more universal concerns to demonstrate that, regardless of where people come from, we are all one people with similar dreams and desires.

The exhibition Cradle features works by Hanny Al Khoury, originally from Palestine; Riaz Mehmood, originally from Pakistan; and Aboud Salman, originally from Syria.

Co-curated by Shane Golby, Art Gallery of Alberta (TREX Region 2)

Information from https://www.youraga.ca/exhibitions/afa-travelling-exhibitions-trex

On display from: Thursday, August 1 - Wednesday, August 28, 2024

Location: Stuart MacPherson Public Library

TREX Art Exhibit: Strange and Known Places

Strange & Known Places is a collaborative curatorial project featuring the work of ten artists based in or with strong ties to Medicine Hat. The exhibition’s title reflects on the familiar geography that ties these artists together (Known Places) and the overarching use of personal mythology or an exploration of lesser-understood aspects of the human experience (Strange Places).

The exhibition presents 17 artworks in a range of materials including textiles, performance, leather work, blown glass, painting, drawing, and video. The included artworks envelop a wide range of enthusiasms, curiosities, and passions, offering audiences a chance to see the world in surprising and affecting new frames. Works by each artist will be reproduced as posters that will be available for audiences to take home as a token of the exhibit and celebration of local talent found in the city.

Co-curated by Kira Vlietstra and Genevieve Farrell, Esplanade Arts and Heritage Centre (TREX Region 4)

Information from https://www.youraga.ca/exhibitions/afa-travelling-exhibitions-trex

On display from: Thursday, November 16 - Wednesday, December 13, 2023

Location: Stuart MacPherson Public Library

Âcimowin Art Exhibit

Come view this exciting art display entitled Âcimowin Art Exhibit from Madeline Belanger. It will be on display from June 7th-30th at the main branch, Stuart MacPherson Public Library.

Artist biography

Madeline Belanger is a Cree/Metis artist from northern Alberta. She is mainly self taught, using primarily acrylic, watercolour and gouche. She enjoys creating mixed media pieces that tells a story and creates conversations. As a member of Saddle Lake Cree Nation Madeline is inspired by her culture and from the experiences and the history that she has heard. Growing up on Kikino Metis Settlement Madeline says they had the ability to explore the woods and be out in nature as a result nature and the natural world have huge impacts on the colours and themes in her work. She is inspired by the beauty of northern Alberta. Madeline is a member of the Indigenous arts collective and has exhibited her artwork locally in her community. She also participated in exhibits on representations of colonization, Indigenous motherhood, impacts of residential schools and has had on Indigenous families.

Madeline has her work included in Colouring it Forward.

She states “My art is an expression of both sides of myself. It is deeply influenced by my experiences of my culture, of picking of medicines, of my listening to stories and history while sitting with family elders.”

Âcimowin is the telling of true stories. This series of paintings has been created over a number of years. Each piece tells a story of people impacted by Canadian history. The idea was to tell me a story so that we remember our shared history. The art tells stories of who we come from, where we come from, and what we’ve overcome. A story of how we continue in spite of it all, is a story about how we continue to remember those who came before us. It Is the story of how we got here.

“Overtime I’ve learned the context of my family in relation to Canadian history and the impact of colonization on myself, my father and his side of the family. The history that my family tells is the story of how we have survived. I try to share that with others so they too know where they come from and how resilient they are. I believe this is reflected in many of my art pieces.”

Art Exhibition: From Prints to Paintings

Art Exhibition: From Prints to Paintings features studio artworks from art students at J.A. Williams High School and Portage College.

Arts students at Portage college and J.A Williams High School work with a wide variety of art mediums as they develop art skills on their creative paths to becoming artists and arts and culture professionals. This student art exhibition celebrates these artists and their art instructors, along with showcasing the diverse range of art medium including drawing, painting, printmaking, mixed media, and sculpture.

We hope you enjoy the art exhibition and invite you to explore the many great arts programs in our part of the province at places like J.A Williams High School and Portage College.

This exhibit is on display from May 4th through June 3rd with a closing event on Thursday, June 1st from 6-8pm at our main branch, the Stuart MacPherson Public Library.

TREX Art Exhibit: Come What May

Background feature colorful paint splotches, hints of one the paintings showcased in the exhibit with the words TREX Exhibit Come What May March 2nd – April 12 at the Stuart MacPherson Public Library

The past few years have unquestionably been very difficult. Devastating climatic conditions; economic recession; social and political turmoil; and a devastating global pandemic have all taken their toll leaving many wondering what the future will hold. While some assert that ‘life’ will return to ‘normal’ or pre-pandemic times, others are not so sure. Will life return to what it was or does this time presage the development of different systems of government, economic structures, ways of social interaction and ways of actual living?

For thousands of years many artists have either reflected on current conditions in their work or created ‘alternate worlds’ which comment on the present or, through their own fantastical narratives, hint at how the future will unfold. The TREX exhibition Come What May features the work of three artists who, through a focus on ‘fantasy’ and imagination in their creative endeavors, reflect on the world as they find it or create new worlds which envision a different course for the human race. Will things get worse? Will they get better? Will life as we know it change and, if so, how?

Curated by Shane Golby, Art Gallery of Alberta (TREX Region 2)

Information from - https://www.youraga.ca/exhibitions/come-what-may

On display from: March 2nd - April 12th

Location: Stuart MacPherson Public Library

The Art of Illumination - Chiaroscuro Drawings and Artworks Inspired by the Renaissance

Please join us at the Stuart MacPherson Public Library for a new community art exhibit titled, "The Art of Illumination - Chiaroscuro Drawings and Artworks Inspired by the Renaissance", featuring both student and instructor artworks from J.A. Williams High School and Portage College. These artworks will be on display from Jan 3 – Feb 17, 2023, and will showcase a variety of artworks and art techniques inspired from the Renaissance period including "chiaroscuro", a drawing, printmaking, and painting technique developed by artists such as Titian, Rafael, and Leonardo da Vinci.

From Boroughs to the Boreal

From Boroughs to the Boreal: Portage College Arts presents a selection of photographs from a recent workshop with the International Center of Photography (ICP) which is located in Manhattan, New York City.

The digital display is available for viewing at the Stuart MacPherson Public Library while the original photographs are on exhibit in the new Portage College Arts students display space at the Lac La Biche campus from June, July, and August. This new student art exhibition space at Portage College is a legacy project that is being launched as part of the Lieutenant Governor of Alberta Arts Awards celebrations in Lac La Biche for June of this year.

"The language and traditions of art making is very much a global conversation and exchange of ideas. Workshops with leading arts and culture institutions like the International Centre of Photography in New York City provide valuable opportunities for artists to engage with and add their authentic voices to this vital arts dialogue from a regional and global perspective." Pierre Öberg.

TREX Art Exhibit - Between the Cosmos

Between the Cosmos is a solo exhibition of 16 works by photography and mixed media artist Rocio Graham. In this exhibition, Graham merges the natural magic of native-Alberta seeds with that of cyanotype paper to create her very own galaxies and star systems for the audience to gaze upon. With a keen eye for detail, respect for the unexpected, and a determination to bring her artistic vision to life, Graham has generated a unique series of works that spark creativity and curiosity about the unknown. 

 Curated by Ashley Slemming, Alberta Society of Artists (TREX Region 3) 


On display from: Thursday, July 28th - Wednesday, Aug 24th 

Location: Stuart MacPherson Public Library

TREX Art Exhibit - Nitssaakita’paispinnaan: We Are Still In Control

Nitssaakita’paispinnaan: We Are Still In Control features work by three contemporary Blackfoot artists, all working in different styles. We all gathered in a series of visits with Blackfoot ceremonial knowledge keeper Kayihtsipimiohkitopi (Kent Ayoungman), who shared about Blackfoot ways of life, places, and knowledge. Those visits helped us learn more about ourselves, the places we live, and the responsibility we have here to each other and our future generations. They also inspired these artworks for the Blackfoot people, culture, and ceremonies are still very much here, still shaping our society to this day.

Curated by Troy Patenaude and Kent Ayoungman and organized by the Art Gallery of Alberta, TREX Region 2. This exhibition was generously funded by Syncrude Canada Ltd. 


On display from: Thursday, June 23rd - Wednesday, July 19th

Location: Stuart MacPherson Public Library

Carbon Captured

The Blue Forest: Carbon Capture is a curated collection by Pierre Oberg featuring art works from students and instructors at Portage College and JAWS. It will be on display at the Stuart MacPherson Public Library from May 4th - June 16th in various formats including digital. On Thursday, June 9th there will be a closed ceremony from 6-8pm at the Stuart MacPherson Public Library.

Thank you to Pierre and his team for arranging this exciting exhibit. We look forward to showcasing these local artists.

TREX Art Exhibit - Wawisihcikan - Adornment

According to the dictionary, ‘adornment’ refers to the use of item(s) that decorate, embellish, enhance, beautify, or enrich. It could be said adornment is the finishing touch that distinguishes the wearer. Adornment from an Indigenous perspective goes beyond the items’ beauty. It is an artistic expression that conveys many levels of communication. It makes connection to a spiritual foundation, the importance to land and place, and defines inherent culture.

Early adornment provides a sense of knowledge about our ancestors that reflect the natural world in which they lived. The seasonal round of birth and rebirth shape our world view in a circulatory way as everything is interdependent.

Spirituality has been the foundation for Indigenous peoples’ lives and an ‘intrinsic quality of creative activity.’ These artistic expressions were woven into the fabric of daily life. Artifacts were generally created as items to be used, not as ‘art’. Bags, pouches, along with
awl and knife sheaths were functional yet beautifully decorated.

Curated by MJ Belcourt and organized by the Art Gallery of Alberta (TREX Region 2)

Information from https://www.youraga.ca/exhibitions/afa-travelling-exhibitions-trex

On display from: Thursday, December 16th - Tuesday, January 18th

Location: Stuart MacPherson Public Library

Time Stamps: The Art of Relief

Time Stamps: The Art of Relief art exhibition runs from June 21-August 27 at the main branch. This exhibition includes 60 artworks, created in various art media from arts students and instructors from Portage College, the University of Alberta, and Sapporo Otani University in Japan. The art pieces reflect a time during the COVID-19 worldwide pandemic. Press release - https://www.portagecollege.ca/News/News-Archive/FineArts_TimeStamps