Arthur Nishimura: Mystical Landscapes

Event: Arthur Nishimura: Mystical Landscapes


Arthur Nishimura is an Albertan photographer whose medium is traditional black and white, hand developed, film-based photography. He was a professor of art fundamentals as well as photography at the University of Calgary. Nishimura captures images of landscapes as well as the depiction of the every day, but in both cases, his photographs develop an expressive mood through the use of analog photographic techniques. He has photographed his home province of Alberta extensively but has also done many shoots in international locations.

Nishimura works with the historical process of wet plate photography, which was invented in 1851. As a photographer, he focuses less time worrying about the format: the composition of each photograph (although these are still important features of his photography). Instead, he is more interested in what an image does; what the image is saying. This dedication and specific understanding of photography is what makes the images he captures on film so expressive.

This exhibition focuses on the landscapes of Arthur Nishimura and consists of 20 works from the collection of the Alberta Foundation for the Arts.

Curated by Todd Schaber for the Art Gallery of Grande Prairie, TREX Region 1

Cover Image: Arthur Nishimura, Three Rivers: Castle River #4, 1987. Selenium-toned silver gelatin print from retouched negative on paper. Collection of the Alberta Foundation for the Arts.
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When: Thursday, August 29, 2019 - Tuesday, September 24, 2019
Location: Stuart MacPherson Public Library
Lac La Biche, Alberta Canada
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Event Type: Educational/Learning
Category: Arts & Culture
Contact Information: Event Organizer: Lac La Biche County Libraries
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